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Unfiltered Utattemita Confessions

Hello, Welcome to Unfiltered Utattemita Confessions! Given the fact that several people, including ourselves, have noticed that certain kind of confessions, regarding certain specific people never seem to be put up, we have decided to create this blog. If you ever feel your confession is getting conveniently ignored in Utattemita Confessions, your admins N,M,K and T are here to serve you :> .

✿ ✿
What do we accept?
-Any kind of meaningful or trivial confession regarding ANYONE as long as good reasons are given. We will not conveniently filter out negative confessions regarding certain specific people, including ourselves.

✿ ✿
What do we not accept?
-Confessions we've gotten before! Unless you have something new to say about that same person! :P
-Confessions that could be classed as "dirty" or "sexual" - we're not dirtyutattemitaconfessions either!

Please include the channels of YouTubers in what you submit /o/. We can't know everyone either! ; u ;

✿ ✿
The confessions on this blog DO NOT reflect the opinions of its owners. We merely do NOT filter out what we get to favor specific people.

My my, we have a received a hefty amount of both real and trollish confessions in just a few hours, as well as negative and positive feedback aimed towards this blog, in our question box, that’s gotta say something! Admin K doesn’t think I should say this, but I think it is a good idea. Let’s get something clear right here, right now. We are not your anonymous trolling tools. if you have something to say about ANYONE, you better have a good reason to back it up. The point of unfiltered utattemita confessions is to publish ANYTHING constructive, about ANYONE, we will not leave out certain confessions just because they involve X person, critiquing X thing.  confessions like “lul X sucks” are not real confessions so~

                                                                                -Yours truly, Admin T ♥